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Welcome to Elitecrafters.com.

Elitecrafters.com & Elitecrafters.gr (both mentioned as Elitecrafters.com)  owned by ARTIA Ltd. The company’s address is 3 Polemiston St, Argiroupoli 16452, Athens, Greece. Telephone no. +30 2110120623. Fax no. +30 2110196646.

Business hours are Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00 (GMT+02:00). Offices are closed on weekends and public holidays.

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions. When accessing, browsing, using any online transactions or communicating with Elitecrafters.com, you automatically accept and agree to be bound by the company’s Terms and Conditions set forth herein. In case of disagreement or if you have any concerns with these terms, please send an email to before navigating or making any transactions, otherwise your acceptance of all the terms and conditions is unconditional. Our company reserves the right to modify, renew or upgrade completely or partially, at any time and without prior notice (to the guest / member / customer of Elitecrafters.com): a) part or all of these terms and conditions b) part or all of the contents of Elitecrafters.com c) part or all of the external appearance (interface), structure or composition (configuration) of Elitecrafters.com as well as its technical specifications. The company also reserves the right at any time, unjustifiably and without prior notice (to the guest / member/ customer of Elitecrafters.com) to cancel, suspend or terminate Elitecrafters.com’s operation. The guest / member/ customer of Elitecrafters.com acknowledges and accepts all of the above just by browsing or using the services of Elitecrafters.com.

1.1 Description of Purpose

Elitecrafters.com online store displays, promotes and sells handmade (partially or totally) items/products. ARTIA Ltd (owner of Elitecrafters.com) reserves the right to choose freely the products (handmade and non-handmade) for displaying and selling, as well as modify, renew and/or retract them at any time and without prior notice. The same applies to its pricing policy, to any offers and discounts that the company may decide to conduct, modify, renew, or retract freely, at any time and without prior notice or/and compliance deadline unless stated otherwise.

1.2 Use / Content / Prices

1.2.1 Use / Operation

Both parties (company and customer) are bound to the appropriate use and operation of the site, based on good faith and ordinary transaction habits. For your correct and complete access, JavaScript as well as the ability to receive cookies must be enabled in the Web Browser. To use Elitecrafters.com and all its functions, we recommend the use of the following Web Browsers i) Internet Explorer Ver. 6 or newer ii) Mozilla-Firefox Ver. 3.5 or newer. The use of other Web Browsers is possible but, in some cases, there may be a malfunction. Use of the latest versions of browsers is also recommended, as well as Adobe Flash Player, to display additional graphics.

The guest / member / customer of Elitecrafters.com acknowledges and accepts that for the use of some services of Elitecrafters.com, they may need to download on their computer some online programs or upgrades of programs already installed. The company takes all necessary measures for the continuous and uninterrupted operation of Elitecrafters.com, however maintains the exclusive right (and the consumer accepts it) to suspend permanently or temporarily the operation of Elitecrafters.com with or without notifying its guests / members / customers. In all cases the guest / member / customer understands and accepts not to use Elitecrafters.com to a) upload, post, advertise, email or otherwise transmit any type of content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, malicious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable and/or causes harm to minors in any way b) upload, post, advertise, email or otherwise transmit any content that you do not have a right to transmit under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements) c) upload, post, advertise, email or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights (“Rights”) of any party d) upload, post, advertise, email or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware e) intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable existing Greek and European union law and its provisions, may annoy third parties in non-predictable way f) collect, intercept or store personal data about other users Our guests/ members / customers are solely responsible for the correctness, accuracy and legitimacy of the information they submit to our company.

1.2.2 Content

The company takes every possible measure and attention for the proper publication and display of information relating to products promoted through Elitecrafters.com. However, the company is not responsible for any damage suffered by users from errors that list or display information (for example prices, availability, photos, type, etc…) that may result from technological failures, typographical errors and/or "human" errors and/or incorrect information from vendors, even by negligence.

If you find any errors before and/or after the completion of your order, we invite you to contact us by telephone, fax or email ( ). In any case, if you discover an error we urge you not to proceed with sending your order before notifying our company and clarifying this issue. Any reference or URL link to another web site is provided for your convenience and we are not responsible for its content, products, services (advertising or sales), security policy or for the way they handle their visitors.

1.2.3 Sale Prices

Our company regulates freely its pricing and commercial policy, based on its strategy and always within the framework of the applicable law, particularly provisions protecting competition (fair and unfair). Our company may proceed to offer or promote from time to time products at its own free will. Furthermore, the guest / member / customer accepts that Elitecrafters.com reserves the right to modify the listed prices and change or/and withdraw offers at any time with or without prior notice.

1.2.4 Coupon and Gift Cards Policy

Elitecrafters.com, within its commercial policy and customer service policy, reserves the right to issue and provide discount coupons to its customers at any time and in any way it considers appropriate.
Every coupon carries a discount (fixed value or percentage %) and a unique code. Each coupon can be redeemed when placing an order on Elitecrafters.com, unless otherwise stated. The company does not accept coupons for items not carried in their online store. Redeeming a coupon in cash, or in any other way, is not applicable.

Owners of coupons have to enter the code/s in the specific field stated on the payment page, when checking out, in order to receive the discount for that specific order. In the coupon field customers may also enter multiple coupon codes. In this case, the sum of the discount (fixed value or percentage) will be calculated for that specific order. The total value of the coupons may not exceed the total value of the transaction. Elitecrafters.com does not refund or retain negative balances (fixed value or percentage).

Regarding Vouchers, please go to ‘Payments 6.4’.

1.3 Copyright

The entire content of Elitecrafters.com (except those elements that belong to third parties, for example third parties copyright, artists, creators, authorities etc...), including the text, photographs, designs, commercial & financial elements, programs, all kind of files, trademarks/logos, layout of Elitecrafters.com etc..., are subject of intellectual property of ARTIA Ltd and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek & European law and the applicable international treaties. Under no circumstances is licensed or transferred the right of use without the prior written permission of the company ARTIA Ltd. Total or partial copying, upload, posting, transmitting, republishing, alteration, storage, reproduction, republishing, modification, distribution of any documents or information from this site in any form or by any means is explicitly prohibited without prior written agreement from the company.

Otherwise these actions may constitute an infringement of the intellectual / industrial property ARTIA Ltd which reserves the right to claim any incidental and consequential damage caused, according to the provisions of the legislation. The guest / member / customer of Elitecrafters.com accepts that the idea, design, form, dimensions and methods or manufacturing techniques are property of their authors and the reproduction, copy, and any action that reduces or intercepts and affects their interests is prohibited, especially due to the nature of products and items that are distributed.



We choose to work with creators / suppliers of high professional standards. Any product items at Elitecrafters.com referred to as handmade, means that part or all of the manufacturing process is done by "hand" and also the absence of mass production techniques and industrial production methods. Therefore, product items that are promoted and distributed by Elitecrafters.com may slightly differ in dimension, color or weight. Each guest / member / customer understands and agrees to this slight deviation and that it is justified because it is a handmade creation by individual craftsmen.



The ordering procedure for members or guests is simple and consists of the following two steps:

i) Order Placement
ii) Order delivering

When members enter (login) their account they have access to additional details and information, including for the two steps mentioned above.
Although we take every measure possible to display properly on Elitecrafters.com the availability uptime of our products there is a small chance a product will be unavailable within the delivery time, or in rare cases to be unavailable at all, for reasons not relevant to the company or because it is out of its control. In this case you will receive an informative email at your registered email address.

3.1 Placing an Order

At Elitecrafters.com you may either order as a member or as a guest. Facebook® Login and Twitter® Login optional functionality is integrated for your convenience. By browsing freely in our online store you can, if you wish, select items of your choice and place them in your shopping cart. After the completion of the selected products, go to your shopping cart and follow the 'steps' indicated, in order to place your order and proceed with payment to our company.

For your better service, and in order to facilitate your future purchases, for your first order you are suggested to register as user member of Elitecrafters.com by filling in the information requested in the registration form. In any case, every time you place an order to our company you must accept the present applicable terms of use that rule the between us transactions in their entirety. The Customer  is responsible for the accuracy, validity and the legality of the information provided to us voluntarily and that the company knows only by your statement.

After placing your order you will receive an automated email, at the email account you have registered, that includes your order data that was received by the company. This automated email also informs you about the second step that follows your order. All orders we receive are subject to authentication and verification checks for the availability of the products ordered (this takes place within the next business day following your order).

3.2 Shipping Orders

The day we deliver your order to the courier company, or on certain occasions to the forwarding company, you will receive an informative automated email message informing you of:

a) The date and time of departure
b) Coupon code number (if anyone is used)
c) Order tracking number
d) A web link (where you can enter the tracking number to trace your order)

3.3 Withdrawal / Returning products

3.3.1 Withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw without reason within 14 calendar days from ordering and in accordance with law 2251/1994. In case of withdrawal, the customer must inform the company by sending an email to . The product items ordered must be returned in the condition and packaging as received by the customer. The return costs shall be borne by the customer exclusively.

3.3.2 Returning products

Elitecrafters.com takes all necessary measures for the product items to be carefully and properly packed in order for customers to receive them without damage. Some of our products are fragile and delicate. For this reason Elitecrafters.com, in consultation with the courier services, will send these products with special markings and a more suitable packaging that fully protects the product items from damage during transportation and/or storage. In case of damage however, the following apply:

During receipt of your order from the Courier: In rare cases the product item/s received may be damaged during transportation. If at the time of receipt by the courier you find that there is damage to the packaging or the product then DO NOT proceed with receiving the parcel. In this case, the customer shall only bear the shipping costs. It is important when you receive your order by the courier that you check the products, especially if the packaging shows signs of damage, rupture or perforation. If you receive the products without expressing reservations or doubts during the time of receipt it means you accept unconditionally the product.

After you receive your order from the Courier: At Elitecrafters.com we take all necessary measures for secure transport and storage of the product items/s as mentioned above. If within 20 calendar days of receipt of your order from the courier company you find damage to the product item/s then please send an email to and report the problem, as well declare which of the following suggested actions you prefer:

A. Return and replace, or
B. Return and issue a discount coupon (of equal value with the returned product) for use on future purchases.

The damaged product must be returned in its original packaging and with all the supporting documents that came with it originally. Any return costs that may occur from the customer to Elitecrafters.com shall be borne by the customer exclusively. Elitecrafters.com will proceed to replace or issue a discount coupon (options Α or Β mentioned above) only after receiving the damaged product. In case a different product is received from the one ordered, then only option A (return and replace) is applied.

Compliance, or not, with the above deadlines of 14 and 20 days is certified by the date your notification email is delivered from Elitecrafters.com.



The guest / member / customer of Elitecrafters.com fully accepts and undeniably the exclusive right of the company to discontinue their use, the access codes in Elitecrafters.com services and to interrupt the content distribution & information of Elitecrafters.com every time the company considers that these terms are violated by them or if there is any indication or evidence and/or complaints that they perform illegal acts or omissions. Additionally, the company may interrupt, suspend, modify the operation of Elitecrafters.com, in whole or in part, permanently or temporarily at any time, with or without prior notice of the guest / member / customer of Elitecrafters.com.

The company is not responsible in the case that, for any reason including negligence, the operation of Elitecrafters.com is interrupted or access to it becomes difficult or/and impossible despite the maintaining security measures, "viruses" or any other harmful software are identified and transmitted to guest’s / member’s / customer’s computer, or if an unauthorized third party or hacker interferes in any way to the content and the operation of the site, making its use difficult or causes problems to its proper function or stealing personal data from the customers and registered users of Elitecrafters.com.

Furthermore, our company is not responsible neither for any legal, civil and/or criminal damage claims, nor for any damages (indirect, special or consequential which indicatively and not restrictively, alternatively or / and cumulatively consists loss of profits, data, financial satisfaction, etc…) from guests/members/customers of Elitecrafters.com or third parties for reasons relating to the operation or not, or/and the use of Elitecrafters.com or/and the inability of providing services or/and information available from the company via Elitecrafters.com or/and any unauthorized interventions from third parties to products or/and services or/and information available at it, or/and security breaches. The guest / member / customer of Elitecrafters.com acknowledges and accepts all the liability limits indicated by these terms of use herein in total as valid and consistent with good faith and practice.

4.1 Changes in Terms and Conditions Policy

The company reserves the right to change or modify at any time and to whatever extent it considers these terms without prior notice. The guest / member / customer is solely responsible to remain informed of the applicable terms and conditions each time they use or access Elitecrafters.com.



The operation of Elitecrafters.com, and its owner company ARTIA Ltd, is governed by the Greek law. In any arising dispute, our company will make all possible effort to achieve an amicable resolution based on sincerity, expectations of the parties and the provisions herein. In case this is not possible, the dispute will be settled in arbitration under the Greek Law and the legal Courts of the city of Athens.



Please visit the section page dedicated to Shipping & Payment



Please visit the section page dedicated to Transaction Security



Please visit the section page dedicated to Shipping & Payment



Please visit the section page dedicated to Privacy Policy



ARTIA Ltd is the explicit owner of www.elitecrafters.com and www.elitecrafters.gr (mutually mentioned «Elitecrafters.com» herein).

The company's address is 3 Polemiston St, 16452 Arthens, Greece. Tel: +30 211 0120623.

ARTIA Ltd is officially registered member of :

  • The General Commercial Registry of Greece (Γ.Ε.ΜΗ), Reg. Code No. 120595501000, and
  • The Athens Industrial & Commercial Chamber, Member Code No. 284244.

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